About Korenblik Machinery

At Korenblik Machinery you feel at home as a professional. We have the right experience, so we can give you real advice. We supply all our products for a competitive price and can also offer you fast national service.

Are you looking for a machine that forms an integral part of your work? Then Korenblik Machinery is the right place for you! We only deliver quality. We can arrange any transport both nationally and worldwide.

We can also arrange the following matters for you: sales mediation, import and export of machines and trucks.

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Reliable & Fast service

We want to make it as easy as possible for you as a partner in your daily work, which is why we only supply high-quality material. Korenblik Machinery also strives for clear communication. We stand for 100% customer satisfaction!

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Korenblik Machinery

Veenweg 56, 7336 AG Apeldoorn

M: +316 468 077 16

M: +316 229 588 22

Our approach

Do you have a need or a wish and are you therefore looking for a suitable party to deliver your desired machine or truck? Please feel free to contact us, so that we can consult together so that you make the right choice. Korenblik Machinery has everything under one roof. Thanks to our extensive experience, we like to think along with you.

28 years experience

Thanks to our 28 years of experience, we know exactly what requirements machines and trucks must meet. With which we can really help most companies further. We sell good material, for a competitive price, with the best service. Are you curious about the possibilities? Call, mail or whatsapp for tailor-made advice!